What happens when you spend £3.58 on one tomato?

You try and make the most of it.


 ‘One tomato, please.’

‘£3.58, mademoiselle.’

Still I popped the big French tomato in the vegetable bowl, where he seemed happy enough.


 The Tomato Times caught his eye.

 I tried to console him, but nothing worked until we watched Mika sing ‘Big Girls, you are Beautiful!’ on Youtube. Mika and his shiny red jackets are massive in the tomato world apparently. With that, the big French tomato turned his frown upside down, and we decided to do whatever he wanted.

 So we got on a plane.

And went to Spain!

The End…

…of the Big French Tomato. He just looked so juicy and delicious while bathing in the sun. I tried not to eat him. I really did.



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  1. Hysterical! This is one of the most clever “travel by proxy” pieces I’ve read/seen…it reminds me of Amélie’s traveling gnome 🙂

  2. LOVE IT!! I just found your blog link on your facebook page, why did i not know this existed? What fun! x

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