The tale of the little musk deer

ONE DAY, a little musk deer was grazing in the meadow when he noticed a scent as beautiful as fresh mountain air and rose petals, birdsong and streams.

It was, without a doubt, the loveliest scent in the world.

The little musk deer was driven wild. Where did the fragrance come from?

He searched among the rocks and flowers. He searching along the riverbanks and under the leaves, but he couldn’t find the source of the scent anywhere.

The determined little musk deer promised he’d never stop searching until he found where the fragrance came from.

He spent his whole life searching the valley. Wandering among the deserts and meadows, the little musk deer searched until he grew old and weary, and died without realising the scent was right there, in his navel, all along.

We are all musk deer.

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