Photos lie when you’re teaching English in Seoul

Seoul. That snaking river that only made me feel more trapped. One or two happy moments that couldn’t be stretched to a life in Korea, that couldn’t smother the whimpering depression of my days as an introvert trying to entertain as a kindergarten teacher. My photos lie. I look so happy. And by happy, I mean drunk.


198553_829421970171_5329387_n 189944_759854633671_5173442_n 197172_757970269951_2610140_n 217071_833633036161_4563541_n217348_833632981271_2318954_n264048_879735880691_510996_n247864_855989244141_3677995_n
263440_879735970511_5753238_n 283431_885498946461_5972475_n 246700_855989338951_3473439_n 248282_855989204221_117715_n 188706_761937265061_3582040_n215993_830779614441_3948969_n


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  1. Alisa, you *do* look happy in those photos, but unless we’re photojournalists, we’re less likely to be snapping away photographs in bad/downtimes. However, you can, you should draw hope from your smile to remind you that one can grab onto those moments of happiness, that those happy moments help strengthen your resolve to make something different happen, to be responsible for your own happiness by acting on it. At least, that’s what I took from your photos … 😉

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