Wise words from Oaxaca, Mexico

I only went to Oaxaca’s Museum of Textiles because it’s free, and because I can’t get enough of Mexican everything. And then I read this on the wall, from curator Olga Margarita Dávila:

“The prevailing social system has perversely exploited our nurturing world. It has disrupted it in order to dominate us. It has taken advantage of the archaic anthropomorphic design which is our principle of subsistence, one in which we eat-discard, inhale-exhale, to manipulate us into a consumerism that is disproportionately advantageous to only a few. This situation has enclosed us in such fear and blindness that we are only allowed to know each other by means of difference, through separation, by telling us we can only be unique whenever we buy a brand or product. In order to achieve this, the prevailing capitalist system relies on strategies of saturation or confusion, above our one fundamental principle: the self.”

I think this might be the truest thing I’ve ever read.

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