I travel to let my imagination grow

#1: Why I travel

Because the chance to travel is the chance to disconnect, to sit in the real world without face to a smartphone like bug to a light. Because I don’t want the answers. I don’t want the internet to tell me that the stars overhead aren’t moving at all, but rather, the earth is spinning beneath me.

Northern_light_01 - author is Varjisakka

Instead I want to give my imagination the chance to solve the world’s riddles, to decide that the stars are moving because a friendly giant is gently tugging on the starry blinds of his bedroom window. I want to fill the blanks in my knowledge with the brightness of whimsy.

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  1. Love this post, Ailsa. However, I wonder sometimes … we’re supposed to go out with open hearts and an open mind, but often, we still carry our prejudices, and unfortunately, those can spill out in a messy way. Maybe that’s necessary to carry out the purging of those prejudices, to wipe the slate clean, as it were. Travel is a good thing, but I also feel it’s a necessity, too.

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