A book for young adventurers

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History says the great adventurers are men, but that’s not true. Women have accomplished amazing things across the ages. And ever since we’ve been able to walk on two feet, we’ve traveled. From Africa to Mesopotamia; across the Bering Strait to North and South America; in boats and in rafts from Asia to Australia.

Women Adventurers celebrates the daring pioneers who’ve blazed a trail on every continent. Through bold, beautiful illustrations and biographical sketches, it cheers for the girls who said, “When I grow up I want to be a treetop explorer, a punk rock poet, an aquanaut, an astronaut!” And did it.

But these awesome adventurers aren’t all confined to history. And they aren’t fearless. They’re the women who are afraid of what happens when you lose a land, a language, a culture. They’re the women who are fighting against deforestation and pollution of the oceans, who are giving a voice to the ignored, the invisible, the unheard.

Most of these women were, and are, lucky — they nearly all received an education. But even today, in 2017, girls face violence preventing them from going to school in over 70 countries. And more than 130 million girls are out of school today because they have to marry early, look after their siblings, go to work.

Free, safe, quality education is the right of every girl. Because when a girl is given an education, when she has no limits to her curiosity and ambition, she can do anything. These 40 incredible women prove it.

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