Selected clips

As a freelancer my words have appeared in Outside, the Guardian, the BBC, Longreads, National Geographic Traveler, JSTOR Daily, the Irish Independent, ARTnews, Time Out, the Writers’ Union of Canada and many more.

My fact-checking work is for Harper’s Bazaar, Harper’s magazine, and Cosmopolitan.

Women Adventurers

Mountains, Transcending (August, 2019) Longreads

Recreating Historical Adventures in Old-Fashioned Gear (November, 2020) Outside

How I Made This: Stella Maria Baer’s Earth Pigment Art (January, 2021) ARTnews

Singer, siren, activist, spy: the extraordinary life of Josephine Baker (May 8, 2017) BBC History

The woman who crashed the Boston Marathon (March 18, 2018) JSTOR Daily

Marianne North: The Victorian gentlewoman who documented 900 plant species (April 22, 2015) Atlas Obscura

Alexandra David-Néel: The prima donna who snuck into Tibet in 1912 to meet the Dalai Lama (April 30, 2015) Atlas Obscura

Isabelle Eberhardt: The cross-dressing heiress who decamped to the Algerian desert (May 6, 2015) Atlas Obscura

Beryl Markham: The early female aviator who flew across the Atlantic in terrible weather (May 13, 2015) Atlas Obscura

Emily Hahn: The opium-smoking author who lived with pygmies in the Congo (May 20, 2015) Atlas Obscura

Isobel Gunn: The teen who trekked 1,800 miles through Canadian wilderness disguised as a man (Jan 27, 2016) Atlas Obscura

Hester Stanhope: The insouciant heiress who became the first Western woman to enter Palmyra (Feb 10, 2016) Atlas Obscura

Beryl de Zoete: The world’s first global dance critic was a Victorian aerobics teacher (March 2, 2016) Atlas Obscura 

Personal Narrative

Walking with Norsemen on Orkney’s St Magnus Way (January 11, 2023) Guardian

Barefoot in the park: the joy of walking over rocks and roots (April 26, 2020) Guardian

Camping under a bloom of stars (September 8, 2020) Guardian

Aberdeenshire cliff scrambling in search of puffins (Feb 16, 2020) Guardian

Mushing in the Yukon: First-time dogsledding (December 10, 2019) Explore

Ecology and Environment

Charismatic female wildlife cover big landscapes with big stories (April 18, 2019) Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

How 52 acres makes a difference for grizzlies (February 25, 2019) Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

Driving to common goals in Idaho’s lower Kootenai River Valley, a profile of environmental scientist Rachel Ackerman and her work (March 20, 2019) Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

Exploring questions worth asking in Canada’s north, a profile of environmental scientist Kirsten Reid (March 20, 2019) Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

Art interviews

Making It: Getting Started with Cyanotype (Aug 31, 2021) ARTnews

How I Made This: Jason Logan’s Natural Inks (Dec 25, 2021) ARTnews


A local’s guide to Berlin (June 25, 2014) National Geographic Traveler

Where the locals go: Banff (March 5, 2016) National Geographic Traveler

Food and Drink

This English candy bar powered the first Everest ascent (August 21, 2017) Outside

Jagalchi: Tales from a Fish Market in the Korean Clouds (September 23, 2013) Maptia

Working in hell but breakfasting in tahini heaven (August 17, 2015) Roads & Kingdoms

Variations on a fish soup theme (April 20, 2016) Roads & Kingdoms



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